Dedicated Versus Shared Hosting

The success of any website mainly depends upon the web hosting provider. Thus it is very important that the selection of host provider is done carefully. There are two types of host providers; Shared and Dedicated server.

Basic Difference

The basic difference between a shared and dedicated server hosting is that when you subscribe with a shared web hosting server, then you are supposed to share the same server with other websites as well. On the other hand, in dedicated web hosting, you are provided with a separate server for your website alone and you have complete accessibility over it.

IP Sharing

An IP address is a numeric representation that identifies a server on the web. A shared web hosting server would mean that a number of websites share the same IP address, which otherwise on a dedicated server, every site has their individual unique IP addresses. An IP address can be used to visit a particular website and access the information just like you can do the same using the domain name of the website.

Web Traffic

Web traffic on shared servers is usually overwhelming. This is why large sites do not prefer the shared configuration. It is recommended for the large websites to select dedicated accounts so that their websites does not get affected by the other websites, as in the case of shared web hosting server.


Small organizations usually prefer shared web hosting because it is comparatively cheaper. As the same server is shared with multiple accounts, the cost of such packages provided by web hosting providers is low. They may have space and bandwidth limitations as well. On the other site the dedicated web hosting have limit less usage and often costs higher that shared hosting packages. But it’s worth the cost as per the requirement.

Risks Involved in Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is comparatively cheaper than dedicated hosting but it may have some problems at a later stage. The sites you are supposed to share server with may be spam. Such sites may be banned due to complaints and other issues. Thus sharing the IP address with such websites may involve risk for your websites as well. On the other hand, a dedicated web hosting does not involve such risks and keeps your website unaffected of any other internet activity.

Security of Information

A dedicated web hosting account will ensure complete security of information available on your website. Usually large websites includes large database which contains crucial information about the organization. Such data on a shared server could be at a risk of getting leaked or illegal accessibility. Dedicated servers provide addition security measure and are usually hard to be hacked.

Some dedicated servers also provide back-up options that makes a back-up of all the data about your website and can restore in case of any crashes or loss of data.

Both shared and dedicated server web hosting have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice for any of them entirely depends on the user’s requirements. For a large website that deals will lot of information and required high bandwidth and speed, a dedicated server is recommended and for a small website that is developed with the sole purpose of sharing some information, a shared server web hosting can be chosen.

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